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  • Kauai police seek man suspected of pushing visitor off cliff, say he's considered dangerous


    Published 12/17/2012 17:23:33

    KALALAU, Hawaii - Kauai police are searching for a man they suspect of throwing a Japanese visitor off a cliff.

    Police say they are looking for 37-year-old Justin Wynn Klein, whom they say is considered dangerous.

    Klein is described as 6-foot-one, white, with a Mohawk haircut, possible moustache and beard and a tribal band tattoo on his left arm. Police say his last known address is in Kilauea.

    A witness told police the 31-year-old victim was thrown from a cliff. Police say the victim, a woman, was airlifted Sunday afternoon near Kalalau Beach and taken to a hospital, where she is in critical condition.

    Authorities have restricted access today to Kalalau via the Kee beach trailhead while the investigation continues.

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