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  • Passengers on US-to-Poland flight that crash landed in Warsaw sue Boeing, maintenance firm


    Published 11/09/2012 12:39:43

    CHICAGO - Passengers on a plane that crashed in Poland when its landing gear didn't deploy are suing Boeing and the firm that inspected the 767 before it departed from New Jersey.

    The lawsuit was filed this week in state court in Chicago, where Boeing is headquartered.

    Around 230 people were aboard the November 2011 Lot Airlines flight when it hit the runway, generating sparks as its belly scraped along the pavement at Warsaw's Chopin Airport. Emergency crews doused the plane; nobody appeared seriously hurt.

    The lawsuit claims passengers suffered physical injuries and emotional trauma.

    The nine-page filing contends Boeing design flaws contributed to fluid leaking from the hydraulic system. It accuses employees of New York-based Mach II Maintenance of failing to detect the leak.

    Neither company returned messages seeking comment Friday.

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