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  • Nova Scotia changes regulations on cellphone contracts and cancellations


    Published 02/15/2013 10:23:26

    HALIFAX - New rules governing cellphone contracts that come into effect May 1 in Nova Scotia will give customers more flexibility in cancelling their contracts.

    The provincial government says the rules will also require cellphone companies to share more information with customers about minimum monthly costs and include those details in ads.

    Under the changes to the Consumer Protection Act, cellphone contracts can be cancelled at any time and the government says mobile phone users could pay as little as $50 to do so.

    Consumers will still be on the hook for buying out equipment if they cancel their contacts early, however.

    The government says cellphone companies will also be prevented from changing major parts of a contract including services, costs, fees or locations where the phone can be used without permission from a customer.

    The changes will only affect cellphone contracts that go into effect May 1.

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