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  • DC Entertainment starts selling its monthly comics through iPad, Kindle and Nook


    Published 11/07/2012 14:49:19

    PHILADELPHIA - DC Comics is expanding the reach of its digital comics by selling its monthly titles through iTunes, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

    The decision appears to be the first time a comics publisher has made all its titles — not just graphic novels or collected editions — available for sale on iPads, Kindles and Nooks.

    The industry has embraced tablets, with most selling their titles through Comixology and other online storefronts on the same day that print copies are sold in comic shops.

    Hank Kanalz, DC Entertainment's senior vice-president for digital, says it is not leaving Comixology. Instead, DC hopes to capture new readers for its monthly titles who already buy most of their media through their tablets.


    DC Comics is owned by Time Warner Inc.

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