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  • TV host Stephen Colbert jokes that Windsor or Winnipeg might be 'Earth's rectum'


    Published 11/15/2012 14:43:08

    TORONTO - Late-night talk show host Stephen Colbert has once again made Canada the butt of a joke.

    The faux-conservative host of the satirical "Colbert Report" took to his show Wednesday night to confront Canadian critics who were apparently angry that the comedian referred to Windsor, Ont., as "Earth's rectum" in his new book, "America Again: Re-becoming the Greatness We Never Weren't."

    In a segment called "Who's Attacking Me Now," Colbert claimed that the "maplestream" media in Canada had their "mittens in a bunch" over the apparent slam.

    However, in a segment rife with groaning puns on Canuck stereotypes, the 48-year-old Colbert warned Canadians not to get their "tuques in a twist."

    "As a journalist, it is my job to ask these probing questions," Colbert said.

    "Could the Earth's rectum be Windsor? I don't know. It could just as easily be Winnipeg."

    Colbert memorably took aim at his neighbour to the north prior to the 2010 Olympic Games, when he labelled Canucks "syrup suckers" and "ice-holes" because he thought U.S. speedskaters weren't getting enough practice time on Canadian ice.

    He eventually made amends, heading to Vancouver during the Games to film an episode of his show in front of an adoring crowd.

    On Wednesday, Colbert delighted in referencing a poll from the CBC website indicating that — at the time — roughly three-quarters of respondents believed the publicity brought by Colbert would be positive for Windsor.

    "Apparently, the 'Earth's rectum' is an improvement over Windsor's previous reputation," he said.

    "So you're welcome, Windsor. You just got the Colbert bump."

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