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  • Liam Gallagher blasts Mumford and Sons


    Published 12/31/2012 00:00:00
    Liam Gallagher blasts Mumford and Sons
    Liam Gallagher

    Liam Gallagher has blasted Mumford & Sons for having no style.

    The outspoken Beady Eye frontman hit out at the folk rockers for appearing unkempt and slammed their use of ''too many acoustic guitars''.

    He said: ''Everyone looks like they've got f***ing nits and eat lentil soup with their sleeves rolled up.

    ''They all look like they live on the heath. Maybe that's where they record.

    ''Everyone's f***ing Don McLean -- far too many acoustic guitars, no style. They look like they shop at Oxfam.

    ''I wouldn't put any posters up of any band if I was a 16-year-old lad. There's none of that sitting down on f***ing stools for me, sweetheart.''

    The 'Roller' hitmaker also admitted he is a fan of boy band One Direction, even though he thinks they are clueless and a meeting at the London Olympics Closing Ceremony, where they both performed, didn't go well.

    He told Q Magazine: ''I like them. Fair play to them. Why not, man? They haven't got a f***ing clue either.

    ''I met them at the Olympics and their heads were up their ar*es, but they're harmless.''

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