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  • Nick Cassavetes Sued For Allegedly Stiffing Twin Canadian Pop Duo on $300K Movie Loan


    Published 12/21/2012 15:24:35

    LOS ANGELES ( - Nick Cassavetes, Canadian twins and incest - besides three phrases that you probably didn't expect to read in the same sentence today, they're also elements of a bizarre new lawsuit that hit the California court system this week.

    In a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, TwinSpin music - home to twin Canadian pop duo Carmen & Camille - claim that "The Notebook" director failed to pay back a $300,000 loan to help make the upcoming drama "Yellow."

    The complaint alleges that the writer-director backed out of an agreement to give the duo parts in the movie and to feature a song of theirs in the Sienna Miller-Ray Liotta film.

    The film chronicles a woman who's addicted to pain pills and is fired from her teaching job for engaging in sexual shenanigans on school grounds. Oh, and she also had a love affair with her brother at one point. According to the suit - which also includes TwinSpin manager John Thomas as a plaintiff - TwinSpin and Cassavetes entered into an agreement in September 2010, in which TwinSpin would loan Cassavetes $300,000 to start production on the film.

    In return, the suit says, Cassavetes agreed to pay the loan back with interest - for a total of $345,000 - the next month. Cassavetes also agreed to cast the duo in speaking roles in the film, use a song of theirs on the soundtrack, and to give Thomas a producer's credit, the complaint claims.

    But the money never came, the suit says - and neither did the roles, the song and the credit, without which the loan never would have been given.

    "But for these representations, Plaintiffs never would have entered into the Loan Agreement or otherwise granted the Loan," the lawsuit reads. "Plaintiffs are informed and believe that Cassavetes never had any intention of casting 'Carmen & Camille' in the Picture, or featuring a song by 'Carmen & Camille' in the Picture, of providing the producer credit to plaintiff Thomas, or of repaying the loan on a timely basis."

    Cassavetes' agent has not yet responded to misrepresentation request for comment.

    Alleging breach of contract, breach of covenant of good faith and fair dealing, fraudulent misrepresentation and negligent misrepresentation, the suit is asking for damages of $500,000, the amount that the plaintiffs believe is currently owed to them by Cassavetes, with accruing interest.

    (Pamela Chelin contributed to this report)

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