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  • Dave Grohl planning Nirvana anniversary tour


    Published 12/17/2012 00:00:00
    Dave Grohl planning Nirvana anniversary tour
    Dave Grohl

    Dave Grohl is reportedly planning a Nirvana anniversary tour with a ''secret frontman''.

    The musician rejoined surviving Nirvana members Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear to perform new track 'Cut Me Some Slack' with Sir Paul McCartney at the 12.12.12 benefit concert for victims of Hurricane Sandy at New York's Madison Square Garden last week

    According to the New York Post newspaper, Grohl has now told friends he is working on getting the group together for a run of concerts in 2013 with a special singer to mark the 20-year anniversary of the death of frontman Kurt Cobain - who shot himself in April 1994.

    Other bands have replaced iconic singers to continue to tour their music with the most notable being Queen who have performed with several different frontmen, including Paul Rodgers and Adam Lambert, since Freddie Mercury died in November 1991.

    Grohl's plans are likely to further anger Cobain's widow Courtney Love - who criticised the collaboration with McCartney, insisting the musician was not the right Beatle to play with Nirvana.

    She said: ''Look, if John (Lennon) were alive it would be cool.''

    Courtney, 48, added she was upset Grohl - who also fronts Foo Fighters - and Novoselic had described the show as a Nirvana ''reunion'' as she feels Kurt was the heart and soul of the 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' band.

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