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  • Bruno Mars nervous about next single


    Published 12/04/2012 00:00:00
    Bruno Mars nervous about next single
    Bruno Mars

    Bruno Mars is ''nervous'' about his next single.

    The star has had great success with his last single, 'Locked Out Of Heaven', but is unsure as to how his next, 'When I Was Your Man', will be received.

    He tweeted: ''Soon you guys will hear a song I wrote called When I Was Your Man. I've never been this nervous. Can't explain it.''

    Another new track on his second album, 'Unorthodox Jukebox', was inspired by Bruno's visit to a French strip club, after they played another of his hits, and he didn't find it appropriate.

    Speaking about the track, 'Money Make Her Smile', Bruno recalled: ''That's the wild card. We actually wrote that to be a strip-club anthem.

    ''After a concert in Paris, we went to a strip club; the promoter got on the mic and said, 'We have a special guest, Bruno Mars!' - and then they played 'Just the Way You Are.'

    ''That's the worst song to hear in that environment, so I resolved to write a good one.''

    'Unorthodox Jukebox' is released on December 11.

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