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  • A look at Shania Twain's new Las Vegas show, 'Still the One'


    Published 12/01/2012 08:13:40

    LAS VEGAS, Nev. - Some facts about Shania Twain's new Las Vegas show, "Shania: Still the One"

    Number of members in Twain's band: 13

    Number of live horses used in production: Two

    Number of years Twain has known horse trainer Ramon Becerra: 20-plus

    Number of seats in Colosseum: 4,298

    Size of Colosseum's high-definition LED screen, one of the largest in North America: 10.3 metres by 33 metres, weighing 28 metric tonnes

    Number of records Twain has sold worldwide: Over 75 million

    Number of Grammy Awards won by Twain: Five

    Number of Top 10 singles released by Twain in Canada: Nine

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