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  • Canada Post delivers record one million parcels across Canada in single day


    Published 12/18/2012 12:20:43

    OTTAWA - Canada Post delivered a single-day record of one million parcels across Canada last Thursday, underlining moves by the federal Crown corporation to take advantage of a growing trend.

    The single-day record represented an 11 per cent increase over the previous year's busiest day, Canada Post said.

    And with seven days left before Christmas Day, Canada Post expects to deliver an additional 4.4 million parcels by the evening of Dec. 24.

    "Achieving this milestone confirms that we are successfully repositioning Canada Post to serve the emerging needs of Canadians," said Jacques Cote, group president of the physical delivery network at Canada Post.

    In recent years, Canada Post has made major investments in new equipment.

    "Our investments in modern equipment, flexible and motorized delivery methods, community mail and parcel boxes are paying off," Cote said.

    He noted that an estimated $8 billion worth of physical goods is ordered online in Canada each year for residential delivery, a figure forecasted to grow to more than $15 billion by 2016.

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