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  • Cyprus man unwittingly brings bomb into police station

    Published 01/16/2013 10:34:19

    NICOSIA (Reuters) - A man triggered a major security scare in Cyprus on Wednesday when he walked into a police station carrying a bomb he found on his driveway, saying he wanted officers to examine it.

    Police said the 33-year old man discovered a suspicious device on the back window of his car and after drawing a blank on what it was doing there, decided to take it to a police station in the capital Nicosia for further scrutiny experts.

    It didn't take long for police to discover it was a makeshift bomb which had failed to go off, triggering the evacuation of the complex.

    "He obviously didn't know what it was," a police source told Reuters.

    Police said the object was a "makeshift high intensity explosive" attached to a detonator and a fuse. It was defused on site explosives experts.

    (Reporting Michele Kambas, editing Paul Casciato)

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