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  • Second bank robber who escaped high-rise Chicago jail is caught


    Published 01/04/2013 18:55:10

    CHICAGO (Reuters) - Police have caught the second of two bank robbers who escaped last month from a high-rise jail in downtown Chicago by lowering themselves 20 stories to the street using rope made of bed sheets and dental floss, the FBI said on Friday.

    Kenneth Conley, 38, was arrested by police in the Chicago suburb of Palos Hills, and the FBI has confirmed his identity, according to FBI spokeswoman Joan Hyde.

    Conley and his cellmate, Joseph Jose Banks, 37, escaped from the Metropolitan Correctional Center on December 18. The pair apparently broke a window in the cell they shared, squeezed through the opening and lowered themselves to the street.

    They then hailed a cab to make their getaway.

    Banks was captured two days later.

    The two convicts, who had been awaiting sentencing in the federal detention facility, made their rope from bed sheets and dental floss, according to local media reports.

    Conley pleaded guilty to bank robbery in October.

    Escape carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

    (Reporting ; Editing by Daniel Trotta and Lisa Shumaker)

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