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  • Kansas robber recognizes victim from prison, gives wallet back


    Published 11/15/2012 18:08:51

    KANSAS CITY, Kansas (Reuters) - A Kansas robber who helped seize a man's cell phone and wallet at gunpoint recognized the victim as an ex-convict he had served time with and gave the possessions back, police said on Thursday.

    A Wichita, Kansas man reported that two young men approached him on the street late on Wednesday, one of them brandishing a large semi-automatic handgun, Wichita police Sergeant Joe Schroeder said.

    The gunman demanded the victim's phone and took his wallet while the second man searched his pockets, Schroeder said.

    "Then, he (the second man) realized he spent some time in prison with him. He apologized, shook hands and walked away," Schroeder said.

    Although the victim went to police and said he knew one of the robbers in prison, the man said he did not think he could identify them in a suspect line-up, Schroeder said.

    (Editing by Greg McCune and Eric Walsh)

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