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  • Arizona woman runs down husband with car for not voting: police

    Published 11/13/2012 09:47:33
    Arizona woman runs down husband with car for not voting: police
    Holly Solomon, 28, is shown in this booking photo supplied by the Gilbert Arizona Police Department supplied to Reuters November 12, 2012. REUTERS/Gilbert Arizona Police Dept/Handout

    PHOENIX (Reuters) - An Arizona woman, in despair at the re-election of Democratic President Barack Obama, ran down her husband with the family car in suburban Phoenix on Saturday because he failed to vote in the election, police said on Monday.

    Holly Solomon, 28, was arrested after running over husband Daniel Solomon following a wild chase that left him pinned underneath the vehicle.

    Daniel Solomon, 36, was in critical condition at a local hospital, but is expected to survive, Gilbert police spokesman Sergeant Jesse Sanger said.

    Police said Daniel Solomon told them his wife became angry over his "lack of voter participation" in last Tuesday's presidential election and believed her family would face hardship as a result of Obama winning another term.

    Witnesses reported the argument broke out on Saturday morning in a parking lot and escalated. Mrs Solomon then chased her husband around the lot with the car, yelling at him as he tried to hide behind a light pole, police said. He was struck after attempting to flee to a nearstreet.

    Obama won the national election with 332 electoral votes compared with 206 for Republican challenger Mitt Romney. Arizona's 11 electoral votes were won Romney.

    (Reporting David Schwartz.; Editing Mary Slosson, Cynthia Johnston and Andre Grenon)

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